A – Z Response

A. How the book reminds you of another book
B. How the book makes you feel

C. How the author describes things

D. Whether you like the book or not and why

E. Why you think the author wrote the book

F. Why you chose the book

G. How you feel about the author’s writing

H. Why you abandoned a book

I. What you predict will happen

J. What you would change about the book

K. Examples of stereotype or bias

L. What you found interesting

M. What you are wondering about

N. Whether the book is Vacation, JR, or Future and how you know

O. About the genre

P. What you think is the author’s message (theme)

Q. What books you’re looking forward to reading

R. What you don’t understand or questions you have

S. How you feel about a character

T. What you notice about the author’s style/language

U. Something about the author and what it has to do with the story

V. What was funny to you

W. What you like or dislike about the setting

X. How the setting affects the characters

Y. About good word choices or special language

Z. What you think about the author’s lead

AA. How the author captured your interest

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